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Residential Vastu

What is Vastu ?

Vaas means to live / to reside / to exist. Vaastu is the study of the building in accordance with nature or 5 basic elements earth, water, fire, air, and space. We can say Vastu is the science of building. In vastu shastra we align the building as per nature so that we derive it's maximum benefits. The balance of earth, water, fire, air and space. It is keeping right things at the right time at right place. Vastu in India is hugely followed in residential building than commercial as it is the place where one goes and unwinds. Though vastu alongwith astrology plays ten percent role.

Vaastu shastra is recognised by goverment of India. Jain's have followed Vastu Shastra the most. If you see Jain buildings and Jain temples you will see it's made as per Vastu. Vastu can be applied in human body also with the help of Vastu Purush which also shows balance of earth, water, fire, air, and space.

What all to consider in Vastu ?

Vastu is the study of relationship between the occupants and building in terms of land, location and environment. 

  1. OCCUPANT - In this we consider there psychology i.e thinking pattern and phase in ones life.

  2. LAND - We see the fertility of the soil i.e Urvara shakti. We do soil testing to check for the quality of soil and check if it is termite free.

  3. LOCATION - There are a lot of things which are affecting our building from all sides. For example if the house is located near a banquet hall, school or mandir its not considered good. Infront of channel, garbage area etc. A good location is surrounded by greenery or park atleast in the front for residential vastu.


  5. Structure - We study the structure i.e we look at the structure beam and coloumn from perspective. Interior - We look at the aesthetic and logic for comfort. Entrance - Our vision will be from direction. Where we enter the house is the kind of energy it bring alongs. Entrance is very important aspect of vastu.
  6. ENVIRONMENT - External and Internal environment.

    External climate for long period. Weather - The temperature today and micro climatic conditions. The climatic design of a place i.e which zone it belongs to south, north or moderate temperature zone.

    Internal environment- The internal environment affects the most as we maximum stay in our internal environment.

How do we zone different interior activities ? The importance of sun in zoning.

The movement of the sun governs the zoning of an interior space. The direction where sunrises from which North East and where it sets South West. The best time to check the direction of the sun is during equinox in the month of September or March.

In residential vastu we see the occupants residing by their age group and their preferences -

  1. Toddlers (0-3)
  2. Children (3-12)
  3. Teenagers (13-18)
  4. Students (19 - 21)
  5. Youngsters ( 22-30)
  6. Young couple (30-50)
  7. Master couple (50 - 70)
  8. Old age ( 70 - 100)

Vastu grid?

What to place at North East ?

As I mentioned before the sunrises from North East. At the time of sunrise the negative ions which are needed by human body are maximum hence it's considered very healthy. Hence the psychological feeling one gets during time of sunrise during 5:30 am to 8 am are positive, fresh, optimistic, peaceful, receptive, observant, concentration, connectivity and healthy. Therefore we make this space or this room absorbing the morning rays of sun for concentration. The following rooms are beneficial in this area.

  1. Study room
  2. Kids room
  3. Pooja Room
  4. Entrance of the house

What to place at East ? 

The sun then moves towards East around 8am to 10am. At this point the sun is pleasant and after the night sleep one feels fresh and energetic to start the day. The sunlight is positive and not harsh to human eye when it's on East. The rays are equally beneficial as it is in north east. The room absorbing this energy is filled with positivity and is rich in active energies. One of the prime reasons why East entrance is auspicious.

The following rooms are beneficial in this area.

  1. Study room
  2. Kids room
  3. Pooja Room
  4. Entrance of the house

What to place at South East ?

The sun then moves towards South East around 11am to 2pm. At this point the sun is strong and at 60 degree. One feels hungry because one feels the need to gain energy as the sun is draining energy. The sun is firey at this hour and the building absorbs sun's heat during these hours. Also called agni sthan. We call south east, south and south west fire zone. Sun is a disinfectant and kills bacteria and germs. It helps fight humidity. It is a very good humidifier. Hence the most suitable room for this zone is Kitchen. As the sun's heat keeps the grains stored in kitchen free from germs.

The following rooms are beneficial in this area.

  1. Kitchen
  2. Dining room

What to place at South ?

At the time of 2pm - 4pm the sun moves towards south. The sun is completely 90 degree overhead and one feels tired. The room placed on south will have less active energies. The room placed here will be good for falling asleep. The master of the house needs a room in which they can fall asleep well, forgetting the worries. This room is beneficial for resting. It is called yam ka shtan as one rests in this area better.

The following rooms are beneficial in this area.

  1. Master Bedroom

What to place at South West ? 

At the time of 4pm - 6pm the sun moves towards south west. The ions, the energy coming from sun is very low and not benefcial. The sun is setting at this point of time. All the active energies of the sun are already absorbed. This place is fruitful for those whi don't have to perform much activites i.e. old people. We generally put heavy load items to block this area.

The following rooms are beneficial in this area.

  1. Grandparents Bedroom
  2. Staircase
  3. Storage
  4. Coloumns

What to place at West ?

At the time of 6pm - 9pm the sun moves towards west. The sun is set and the weather is pleasant. We call West and North West Air zone. The air pressure on land is more as the temperature drops. The wind starts blowing from land to sea. This area is very good for ventilation. The energies in this area are calm and composed.

The following rooms are beneficial in this area.

  1. Bedroom
  2. Toilet
  3. Bathroom

What to place at North West ?

At the time of 9pm - 12pm. This is the time when the weather is very plesant and people are at ease in a residence. This is a very good area for relaxing. The energies in this room is pleasant, enjoyable and friendly.

The following rooms are beneficial in this area.

  1. Newly wed room
  2. Young couples room
  3. Guest Bedroom

What to place at North ?

At the time of 12am - 3am the sun moves towards North. This is the time when the water is cool. The temperature drops at night. The air is brezzy and cool. The energies are at this point are cool, light, calm. This is area is very good communication.

The following rooms are beneficial in this area.

  1. Living Room
  2. Youngster Room

What to place at center ? 

As discussed above each zone is representing an element of nature where that energy is dominant. The center is where all the element meet. This area represents the element of space. Hence we keep this area free from basic activities.

The following rooms are beneficial in this area.

  1. Foyer
  2. Lobby
  3. Open Area
  4. Skylight area

Vastu grid with it's dominant colour? 

How to check vastu? 

  1. Stand in the center of the property with compass. Put the compass on the floor for precise direction. 
  2. The red arrow pointing is where North is.

    Opposite which will be South.

  3. 60 degree - East 
  4. 60 degree to 120 degree - South East
  5. 120 degree- South
  6. 120 degree to 180 degree - South West
  7. 180 degree - West
  8. 180 degree to 240 degree - North West
  9. 240 degree - North 

Why is sleeping with North bedhead not considered healthy ? 

The earth magnetic field moves in 2 halves from NORTH TO SOUTH. The magnetic forces enters are body from North and leaves from south in 2 halves. The magnetic force is very strong. Hence when we are in unconsious state and we lay ourselves with head in NORTH, the magnetic force is too strong to bear. It's in excess which dirupts brain functionality. A person sleeping with NORTH bedhead is more prone to depression, mood swings, over thinking, confusion, illusions and may have psychological sickness.

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