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5 DIY Tips to keep you busy and creative during Qurantine

In the time where the world is suffering from Corona epidemic here are few tips you can do to lighten your mood by enhancing your space.

1) Gardening

This is the time to spend time caring for your plants, planting new ones & trimming existing ones. You can also make home made manure for your plants by storing vegetable & fruit peels and biodegradable kitchen waste in a small container for 10 days.

2) Clutter free

Finally you have the time to make your home clutter free and eliminate your space from the unwanted things. You definitely don't need it if you have not used it in the past years and will not be using it in coming years.

3) Rearrange

For decor and artefacts, carefully observe if its enhancing the aesthetics and ambience of your place. If the decor is not enhancing ambience or lifting the mood of your room, it probably doesnt belong there and might fit in another room. It's time to rearrange.

4) Paint and frame

Explore the hidden artist within you. An art not necessarily need to be with paints and big canvases. You can use a black pen, an A4 size sheet and for colours you can use organic products like tumeric. Get ideas from pinterest and sketch them on paper. If not good with hand drawings you can try calligraphy. Write your favourite quote in your favourite font and frame it once this is over.

5) Recycle

This is the time to come up with something innovative. We all have waste plastic, wrappers, glass bottles, old clothes, old wooden products in store room. Research, design, decide and convert it into something amazing. The most common of all news paper. Paper mache has been one of my personal favourites.

Stay where you are and make the most of it ! Go all out, do the things which you always wanted to do and lift up your space.

Stay home Stay safe.

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